Sick UK Encoders

As approved UK partners with Sick UK we are able to offer the full range of encoders available including SICK STEGMANN range, older versions now being replaced by modern equivalent units.

Available from our vast stock we have many of the programmable range of standard Sick UK encoders up to 65,000 ppr available in 5v or 10-30v, cable lengths up to 5 metres and available in hollow shaft or solid shaft SERVO MOUNT or SERVO FLANGE all available from stock.

All Sick UK encoders are available in ABSOLUTE, INCREMENTAL and SSI options.

Also available from the SICK UK range is draw wire assembly encoders, stainless steel high IP and ATEX versions.

We are also distributors for the SICK light guard system (C4000) for supply and repair – please enquire.

For more information on Sick UK Encoders please contact our friendly support team at 0121 378 5577.  Or alternatively visit our contact page.