Baumer Encoders

As official partners of Baumer Encoders, we are able to offer the full range of BAUMER products which also include HUBNER, IVO and THALHEIM products range.

As well as encoders we have the advantage of offering TACHO GENERATORS, RESOLVERS, INCLANATION SENSORS, MAGNETIC SENSORS which include very high IP rated encoders in stainless steel and ATEX approved encoders used in the oil and drilling industry.

ABSOLUTE and Incremental Baumer encoders are available in through bores, solid shaft, in PROFIBUS, DEVICENET, CAN OPEN and ETHERNET.

Repairs of all the above Baumer Encoder units are available subject to prior inspection with very quick turnaround times for emergency service.

Wind turbines have a requirement for the latest version of encoders available, all versions are available from the BAUMER Encoder range. 

For a more detailed look at the range of Baumer Encoders we supply, please visit our newly launched Encoders UK, Baumer Encoders Product website.