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Newall NMS300 Mill Digital Readout Package

Newall NMS300 Mill/Drill DRO kits set the standard for reliability, value, and ease of use. Newall Microsyn linear encoders used in these kits carry an IP67 rating, require no cleaning or maintenance, and hold up to tough shop conditions. Each DRO kit comes with everything you need for complete installation on your machine. Installation is quick and easy and can be done in a fraction of the time it takes to install a glass scale system.

Newall NMS300 Mill/Drill DRO Kits Include:

  • NMS300 Digital Readout Display
  • Microsyn300 Serial Scales (for every axis)
  • Microsyn300 Reader Heads w/ cables
  • XY Reader Head Mounting Bracket Kit (UBK03-M)
  • Display Mounting Arm 600-84110
  • *3-Axis kit includes Mill/Drill Quill Bracket Kit (600-90800)

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