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BEC Model MA36S MultiTurn Absolute

Gear trains and batteries are now a thing of the past! The new Model MA36H multiturn absolute encoder provides up to 40-bits of multiturn resolution without batteries, gears or external power. Gear trains are expensive and bulky. Batteries require replacement and disposal. The Model MA36H accomplishes turns counting by means of a magnetically charged energy module using proven Wiegand wire technology, providing a high-resolution multiturn absolute encoder in a compact 36 mm package.


The Model MA36H multiturn absolute encoder is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications. Its fully-digital output and innovative use of battery-free multiturn technology make the Model MA36H an excellent choice for all applications, especially ones with a high presence of noise. Its durable magnetic technology and high sealing make it a perfect choice for dirty industrial environments. Available with a 1/4" or 6 mm hollow bore and a selection of flexible mounting options, the Model MA36H is easily designed into a variety of applications.

Key Features 
  • Standard Size 36 mm Package
  • Durable Magnetic Technology
  • Multiturn Absolute Encoder (14 Bit/40 Bit)
  • SSI and CANopen Communications
  • Proven New Turns Counting Technology - No Gears or Batteries
  • Flex Mount Eliminates Couplings and is Ideal for Motors or Shafts
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