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Baumer Hubner MHGA 400 Magnetic Sensing

Singleturn: 10 bit MHGA 400 Through-hole hollow shaft up to d= 380 mm
Interface absolute: SSI Protection class: IP 67, Option: IP 69 K
Output amplitudes: approx. 1 Vpp Tangential magnetic sensing
Sinewave cycles per turn: 256 Large mounting tolerances
Connection: 17 pins flange socket (clockwise, male) With additional incremental track
Permissible encoder temperature: -20°C ... +85°C
Shock resistance (12 ms): 200 m/s² UL approved
Without own bearings

The new generation of Baumer Hübner Absolute Encoders are characterized by the following excellent features:

  • No wearing parts: no gearbox or battery (exceptions: AMG 10 / AMG 81), ball-bearing life approx. 109 turns
  • High continuous speeds are allowed, even in start-stop operation
  • Versions with solid shaft or (larger) through-bore hollow shaft
  • Rugged construction with high shock-loading capability
  • Insensitive to electromagnetic interference
  • Resolution: single-turn 13-bit, multiturn 16-bit; SSI option: 12, 16, 20 or 24-bit
  • Various interfaces: SSI, Profibus-DP, CANopen etc
  • Can be operated in hazardous areas with Ex approval
  • Additional incremental signals with HTL/TTL level as an option
  • Redundant versions as an option
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