Optical Encoders

Optical Encoders are supplied and repaired on site or at our fully equipped premises based in Birmingham West Midlands. All line counts on our optical encoders are available 1-90,000.

At Encoders UK our optical encoders are among the highest quality optical encoders on the market today. We manufacture reliable and well-sealed encoders used for demanding and harsh industrial motion control applications for the oilfield, elevators, factory automation, robotics, web process control and instrumentation.

All optical encoders available and modified versions can be supplied to suit all applications. Hollow shaft optical encoders and shafted optical encoders in bespoke sizes are manufactured to customer requirements. Sine wave, IVPP and TTL outputs available.

For more information on Optical Encoders please call us on 0121 378 5577.

Optical Encoders Manufacturers

We can supply Optical Encoders from all manufacturers and we are UK distributors of :-

• Heidenhain Optical Encoders

• British Encoder Company Optical Encoders

• Leine & Linde Optical Encoders

• Lika Optical Encoders

• BEI Ideacod  Optical Encoders

• Baumer  Optical Encoders

• Kubler  Optical Encoders

• Gaebridge Absolute Encoders

• IED Ltd Optical Encoders

• Sick UK Optical Encoders

• Nemicon Optical Encoders

• Sumtak Optical Encoders

• Renco Optical Encoders