Magnetic Encoders

Magnetic Encoders have a proven reliability in very harsh environments, including subsea applications and very high speed, high resolution applications. BAUMER & RENISHAW.

IHRM sensors and magnetic MDFK for rotary applications to include the MAGRES range of encoders available in Incremental Magnetic Encoders, absolute single turn Magnetic Encoders and absolute multi turn Magnetic Encoders.

Magnetic Encoders Models include MDRM/MDFM – MDFK/MLFK, BMSK, BMSV, BMSH available in PARALLEL and SSI.

Magnetic Encoders Models also include RLS – RMZZ – REZZ – RM36 – RE36 – RE58 – Signum range SR, SI, RESM.

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Magnetic Encoders Manufacturers

We can supply Magnetic Encoders from all manufacturers and we are UK distributors of :-