Gaebridge Encoders

Since the demise of Gaebridge UK Ltd several years ago, we have been successfully manufacturing and replacing GAEBRIDGE Encoders for many years now, this includes INCREMENTAL and ABSOLUTE Encoder versions.

We offer an equivalent to all known GAEBRIDGE part codes and on inspection we can offer a direct equivalent – mechanically and electronically.  Many tube bending machines used GAEBRIDGE encoders such as ADDISON MACHINES.

We offer IP rating to IP68 and are as robust in manufacture as the original GAEBRIDGE encoders originally produced in the UK.

Full listings available on request to include all the popular types of Gaebridge Encoders.

Hollow shaft
Solid shaft
Heavy duty

For more information on Gaebridge Encoders please contact our friendly support team at 0121 378 5577.  Or alternatively visit our contact page.